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Development Procedures

This chapter discusses the procedures for the developers of Phil to follow. Users don't need to care about them. (I gotta document them somewhere so I don't forget them. I could put them in another document, but since the Phil docs are small, I might as well put everything in this one file.)

Building from the Sources

This is how a developer builds Phil from scratch, not from a distribution. Building from scratch requires Gnu Autoconf, LATEX, & latex2html, whereas installing from a distribution does not.

  1. cd to the directory which contains the Phil makefile. Also in that directory will be the directories src.

  2. autoconf

    This will create ./configure.

  3. Follow the steps in [*].

As long as you don't change or phil.m4, you don't need to re-run Autoconf.

Making a Release

Here are the steps. Proceed down the list as long as each step succeeds. Any single failure aborts the release process.

  1. Update ./ChangeLog. Hopefully, it was kept up-to-date during development.

  2. make clean all check

  3. Edit ./version to hold the new release's major.minor number.

  4. autoconf

  5. ./configure

  6. make clean all check

  7. cvs commit

  8. make doc

  9. make dist

  10.     cvs tag release-`cat version |sed -e "s/[.]/-/g"`

  11. Go to Phil's Page on SourceForge, select Admin, then Edit/Release Files. Add a release to package phil. The new release's name is major.minor. When requested, upload the two archives to upload.sourceforge.net It's an anonymous ftp login, not a Source Forge account login.

  12. It appears that Source Forge makes new files available only at certain time periods.8.1 So don't worry if the files are not visible right away.

  13. Use scp to upload the documentation to Phil's account on Source Forge. That is

      cd doc
      scp index.html
      scp -r phil

  14. Login into with ssh to ensure that the permissions on the documentation files are correct.

      cd /home/groups/g/gi/phil/htdocs
      find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
      find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

  15. Verify the documentation by pointing your Web browser at Phil's page on Source Forget

  16. Double-check the Trove categories on the Phil summary page on Source Forge

  17. Announce the release.

  18. You're done!

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Gene Michael Stover 2002-02-14